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I was trained in commercial photography and learned the trade using various formats of film camera, both in the field and in the studio. I was drawn to photography through a fascination with the relationship between the human perspective, the application of technical skill, photosensitive and chemical reactions, and the individual’s decision-making process along the way. This fascination remains, even though the photographic landscape has evolved.

I shoot with digital and film platforms and have owned a lot of camera equipment and other photographic paraphernalia over the years. Although I mostly fend off the insatiable collector within, I believe that while some equipment can leave its own stamp, it is largely peripheral and a bit of a distraction from the process. Stylistic consideration should be central and should determine your shooting, image selection and post-processing procedure. I try to recreate my view of the world using applied technique and subtle elements that hopefully create a consistent and distinct atmosphere for my work. While equipment alone doesn't determine the style of my images, certain equipment can make me feel a certain way while shooting. When this influences the outcome, it becomes an important factor and one to be mindful of.

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